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Reviews & Forewords


  • Foreword to Ashna Ali's The Relativity of Living Well, The Operating System, 2021.

  • Book Review: Labor’s Apocalypse: Living the Toxic Locura and Latinx Futurism in Andrés Montoya’s The Iceworker Sings, 2019

  • Writing for the End of the World: Foreword to Muted Blood by Mónica Teresa Ortiz, Black Radish Books, 2018.

  • Chapbook Review: Breaking Up with Los Angeles, by Raquel Gutiérrez, Lambda Literary Review, May 2014.

Creative Non-Fiction
  • “Monsters and Ghosts at the End of the World: On Poetry and the Arts of Disturbance”, co-authored with Kenji C. Liu, (currently under review.)
  • “Impossible Word: Toward a Poetics of Aphasia”, Poetry, October 2020.




  • ‘the earth dreams us,’ Chiricu Journal (forthcoming.)

  • ‘Broom Rituals’, The Normal School (forthcoming.

  • ‘Each of us a Portal’, Speculative Non-fiction, (forthcoming).

  • 'Encounter calls' and 'Interview # 17: This was never the god-dream, or, I question the law of recompense', Sprung Formal (forthcoming.)

  • 'The dream (the bed)' [reprint], in A Body You Talk To: An Anthology of Contemporary Disability,  Sundress Publications (forthcoming).

  • ‘In the Neuroqueer Universe, I Kin Across the Quantum Field’, Michigan Quarterly Review, Somaflights Special Issue, March.

  • ‘Wave Theories and Ante-bodies’, American Poetry Review, January.





  • ‘Ode to My Zero Body in the Marvelous Real’, Fatal Flaw, December.

  • ‘Pas de Milles/Dance of Thousands’, Wordgathering, November.

  • ‘Each of Us a Portal’, featured on Spectral episode of podcast, It’s Lit with PhDJ, November.

  • ‘Every Exquisite Thing’, featured on podcast, The Slowdown Show, April and November.

  • ‘To Hold Her Hand By the Light of Day’ and ‘Them Bodies Never Saints’ in The Book of Being: A Queer Prayer Book, Anukriti and Jasper A. Sanchez for Boston Center for the Arts, September.

  • 'Aphasia quasi una sonata, or this isn’t forgetting, this isn’t a phase', and ‘Crip Grammars and the Fullness of Silence’, Zoeglossia, August.

  • 'A Small, Disunified Theory', Wet Sands zine, Libromobile.

  • 'If I am a Keeper of Memory, My Body a Vessel of Lingerings', EcoTheo Review, Fall.

  • 'My Fourteenth Great-Grandfather was a Conquistador', Petrichor, Fall.

  • 'Broken Body Alluvium' and 'Sonnet for the Study of Extreme Illusion Machined into the Highest Degree of Sacredness', Indiana Review, Summer.

  • ‘heart of the bell’ (reprint), Queer Nature: A Poetry Anthology, Pittsburgh: Autumn House Press, April 2022.


  • ‘Quantum Subversion Ghazal Beginning with the Violence of Rice and Moving on to a Never Ending Rise,’ ‘inherit the kingdom,’ & ‘American Ugly,’ Tupelo Quarterly, Summer.

  • 'A Lyric Astronomy' Sick Magazine, July.

  • 'Blessed are thou amongst', Boston Review online, July.

  • 'Lessons', Center for Book Arts Broadside Series, May.

  • 'oh say, oh say', 'bomb melodies', 'Amber waves: a winter count', and 'the weeping time, or, chaos theory for the motion of heavenly bodies', Chiricu Journal, March.

  • 'Amidst the Riots for Blue to Mean No Longer Forbidden the Very Air,' 'every exquisite thing,' '& I will be every moving thing that lives, which shall be meat for you,' and 'little strange spread-eagled giving things', Waxwing, February.



  • 'Flying Down the Five', Academy of American Poets, Poem-a-Day, (curated by David Tomas Martinez), October 12.

  • ‘them bodies never saints’ and ‘let me count the signs of life amidst the planet’s dying’, Foglifter issue 5.2, October.

  • 'Murder of Crows', Pank, Summer.

  • ‘Journal of the Plague Year, Redux (after Daniel Defoe)’, Counterclock Journal, OUTBREAK: Poets Respond to COVID-19, July.

  • 'We the Dancing Millions', Best American Poetry Blog, June 29.

  • ‘[but in uncertain climates, skies are clear]’, co-written with Tara Jayakar, Poetry Society of New York, Pandemic Poems, June.


  • 'remember the fruit, the body wants' and 'honey is sweeter than blood', Post Journal, December.

  • 'heart of the bell', POETRY, October issue.

  • 'After all references to transgender Americans are scrubbed from government websites, I only love you more, dear, you will not disappear​', Split This Rock, Poem of the Week, September 13.

  • 'all that is held in a single word & how the heart is a tongue' and 'portrait of the auto-mechanic as sorcerer', Hayden's Ferry Review, Summer Issue.

  • 'pitter/patter', Academy of American Poets, Poem-a-Day, June 21.

  • The Inheritance of Haunting, poetry collection, University of Notre Dame Press, 2019. Chosen by Ada Limón as the 2018 winner of the Andrés Montoya Prize, Letras Latinas, Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame.


  • 'across the river' and 'the dream (the bed)', Beyond Resilience Folio, edited by Kay Ulanday Barrett, Nat. Brut, November 2018.

  • 'The Other Side of Disaster', The Great Good News of Your Voice Chapbook, edited by Aracelis Girmay and Tara Jayakar, published by Raptor Press, November 2018.
  • 'Crypto-futures and Quantum Entanglement: Preliminary Notes on Lessons from the Anusim”, JB Brager, ed. October 2018.


  • 'The Kingdom in the Cornea: Sense-making and Scenes of Subjection,' Thresholds: A Digital Journal for Criticism and the Spaces In-Between, Issue #1,

  • 'And still I search for the tiniest splendor in this island of my bed', creative piece in “Crip Time” Series, in “Notes for the Waiting Room,” Canaries Collective, curated by Taraneh Fazeli, 2017.


  • 'How Dry Are His Lips that Water Floods him in Nightmares', Poets in the News​, October.

  • 'Azan, or The Call to Prayer, or Resistir es rezar que arrasamos el orden de arrancamiento, or When the Sky Opens and I am Swallowed'; 'Little Birds'; and 'The ache on the tongue of the grieving', Acentos Review.

  • 'Homes, All Home, All Wretched and Succulent Soil', Kin Issue, HOLD.

  • 'When the Machete Will Sever the Ballad', Pank.

  • 'Old Cowboy', Huizache, Issue 6, Fall.

  • 'Helix/Womb/House', poem, Feminist Studies Journal, Everyday Militarism issue, Summer.

  • 'Home is Not', Where it Begins', and 'Relentless Procession', Pariahs Anthology, SFA Press, March.

  • ‘Missionary’, poem, Veils, Halos, and Shackles: International Poetry on the Abuse and Oppression of Women, Spring.

  • 'Onomasticon (I.) (Or, I Sing the Names of Our Dead)', Quick Lightning, January.

  • 'Til the Taste of Free in Our Mouths (Brown Baby Lullaby)', Split This Rock Poem of the Week, January 1.

  • 'The Heresy in Our Bones' and 'Beast, Lost', in Crabfat QPOC Issue, January.


  • 'The Other Side', poem, Writing Down the Walls: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices,  Anthology, Trans-Genre Press, November.

  • 'Of Scar, Palimpsest', creative non-fiction, Scar Anthology, Et Alia Press, November.

  • 'Imbunche', poem, Kudzu House Review, Summer.

  • 'Between Worlds' and 'Without Papers', poems, Voices for Equity and Diversity in Education: A Literary Anthology, Spring.

  • 'Prayer for the Children with Today's Daggers in their Tomorrow Eyes,' poem, Decomp Magazine, May.

  • 'Swans, Once' and 'The Dream in which We Die Together,' poems, Connotation Press, Spring.

  • ‘Your Hair, Defiant Tree’, creative non-fiction, EDUCE Literary Journal, Issue 6, February.

  • 'For the Boy who went to War and Came Back Fire, Came Back Song', poem, Word Riot, February.





  • 'Lamentation for a Broken Constellation', poem, We Will Be Shelter: Poems for Survival, An Anthology, Write Bloody Publishing, December.

  • 'On beautiful nights when', 'O Beloved Queers', 'The Flower Husband', Whether We Were', 'Cultivated', 'This is Not Envy', 'Invitation', 'Full Belly          Ghazal', poems, Adrienne, Sibling Rivalry Press, October.

  • 'And They Said Never Trust a Mermaid: Siren Song for Femmes', poem, As/Us: Decolonial Love Issue, October.

  • 'What She Could Carry', poem, Matter Monthly, October.

  • 'Being threatened with corrective rape while sitting next to my queer lover on the 4 train', poem, RiverSedge, U. Texas-Panamerican, October.

  • 'Rise', poem, Poems for the Queer Revolution, An Anthology, October.

  • 'Cryptologies, Survival, or the Secret Passage of Letters', and 'With these words I address you from the mouth of an owl', poems, Raspa Magazine, Fall/Winter.

  • 'Bulowstrasse 57', poem, Descant, Berlin issue, September.

  • 'The Terror of Clean', poem, Nepantla: A Journal for Queer Poets of Color, September.

  • ‘Papaya No More’, poem, The Progressive, September.

  • 'Purgatory', poem, Heavy Feather Review, Baby Eat Books, Summer.

  • 'Non-Combat Related Incidents and Other Lies', poem, Literature of War: At Home and Abroad, Scintilla Press, Issue 6, June.

  • 'Thread', Fiction, New Tales of Madness, New Lit Salon Press, June.

  • 'All That is Left', poem, honorable mention, Colorism Poetry Contest, Colorism Healing, June.

  • 'Homes, All Home and Wretched and Succulent Soil', prose, Passage and Place Anthology, Passage and Place & Deviant Type Press, National Queer Arts Festival,  June.

  • 'Queer Prophecy as an Occult of the Present', creative non-fiction, Queer Prophecies, National Queer Arts Festival, June.

  • 'True Madness', text and art broadside, Breaking Code (exhibition), National Queer Arts Festival, June.

  • 'Rai, Love', poem, Mobius , Vol. 25, No. 5, June.

  • Chapbook Review: Breaking Up with Los Angeles, by Raquel Gutiérrez, Lambda Literary Review, May.

  • 'The Blood of La Mojana', poem, Yellow Medicine Review, Spring.

  • 'What the Bird Has Seen', poem, University of San Diego Library National Poetry Month Blog, April.

  • ‘On the Question of Your Grandfather’, creative non-fiction, Blue Lyra Review, January.



  • ‘Rise’, poem, Codex, Queer People of Color issue, December.

  • ‘Uncle B and Me’, poem, Wilde, December.

  • ‘rise and fall’, poem, A Jar of Queer Feelings, Queer Owl Publications, Fall.

  • ‘Take a Bow Racism: Theatre and the Finale of My Self Hatred’, essay, Art School is Hell Zine, edited by Nia King, November.

  • ‘The Revolutionary’s Living Room’, Penny Fiction piece, in Stories from Home, From the Depths, Haunted Waters Press, Fall.

  • ‘Ode to Our Survival in this Great Wide World’, essay, On Struggling Zine, Issue #3, Brown and Proud Press, August.

  • ‘Missionary’, poem and essay, Mixed Up! A Mixed Race Queer and Feminist Zine.

  • 'Maladies of Empire', Prose and Photo Essay (exhibited), SICK Collective show, LGBT Center, San Francisco, May.

  • Revolutionary Love Letter, Queer Women of Color Media Wire, February.

  • Interview with Queer Punk Artist Cristy C. Road, Autostraddle, January.


2012 and before

  • 'Missionary', poem (exhibited and invited to read), Movement of Queer Diaspora Art Exhibition, Multicultural Community Center, U.C. Berkeley, October 2012.

  • You Are Not Alone: A Resource Guide and Poetry Zine for Sexual Violence Survivors, Editor.  Published in conjunction with City College San Francisco Women’s Studies Department, Spring 2006.

  • Upon the Great Wide World, unpublished manuscript, 2005.

  • Venus Rising, (Poetry Chapbooks, Living in the Document, No. 3), Chapbook, edited by Thomas Lowe Taylor, Anabasis Press, 2000.

  • ‘Autumn Sauce’, poem, co-written with Lewish LaCook, Cling, Anabasis Press, 2000; and Debilitating Sugar: Selected Poems 1997-2000, Idiolect Electronic Editions, 2001.

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